About the Journal

The Journal of Community Service Care is a community service journal that accepts research-based articles or publications. This research-based article can be in the form of community assistance, community empowerment or community training. However, the editorial team will prioritize research-based community service articles where the concept of assistance or community empowerment is "PRODUC" based. The characteristics of this research-based community service article use four types of models, namely:


    1. Asset-Based Community Development/ABCD method (as a community service approach with an orientation so that people have the power to recognize and utilize all their strengths and assets for the good of the community).

    2. Participatory Action Research/PAR, (Which emphasizes the problems faced in society).

    3. Community Based Research/CBR, (As an approach that places the community in a balanced and equitable position).

    4. Service Learning, (Approach or method of applying courses in the real world to communities or people applying knowledge so that they are able to apply the real roles of students and campuses in carrying out community service).


 Since the odd semester of the 2023-2024 Academic year, the Care Journal will be published every April and October.