• Apri Kurniasih


The style of Islamic studies at the Islamic higher education, namely: a variety
of Islamic studies is no longer bound or tend to side with one particular
madhhab; patterned Majlisi, the privilege of this orientation is a priority
to uniformity and stability of the people; patterned campus, characteristic
feature of this orientation is the campus life characterized by the dominance
of independent thinking; campus pattern to be developed in the Islamic
higher education so that students can be more active in expressing their
opinion; Islamic studies at the Islamic College coupled with the introduction
of modern sciences, both social sciences and natural sciences.
Character of Islamic studies at the Islamic higher education is more oriented
toward mastery of the material substance and possession of the treasures of
Islamic scholarship, which will then be followed by practice of the teachings
of Islam which has learned. While the nature of Islamic studies in the West is
more oriented to Islam as a social reality or fenmena only. The methodology
used in the study of Islam at Islamic higher education, among others, by
using a normative approach, sociological, historical, philosophical, and

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