Jamiluddin Yacub


Two factors determine the productivity of work so the teacher is the ability
and willingness to teach, skills related to competence resulting from the
level of education while teaching a willingness to do with motivation.
Work productivity associated with the ratio between output and inputs
used to produce outputs. An organization of educational institutions both
government and private sector in issuing its products always require input
in the form of raw materials, capital, energy, technology, human resources
(HR), and so forth. But the most urgent input is itself a human resource for
sophisticated and complete as any other input if human resources are not
working then all the input there would be no meaning. The quality of human
resources is determined from the level of education the longer time spent
on education, the higher ability or competence in doing the work, so the
higher the productivity of its work. In addition to educational level of labor
productivity is also determined by the motivation is strong encouragement
from the man to conduct their activities in order to achieve the goal, it is
said that 90% of success is determined by the motivation of a person›s life
while 10% is determined by intelligence.